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Resistance heater wire and ribbon,Stranded wires

About Products

Our main products cover full ranges of Ferro-Chrome-Aluminium, Nickel-Chrome and Copper-Nickel series resistance alloy wires, ribbons and heating elements.

Nichrome Resistance wireGolden Finish
bright finish Resistance wireconstantan wire
Blue finishbright tape
fire barfurnace bar
Wire Cross Reference for Other Industry Names
0Cr21Al6Nb Kanthal A-1
0Cr23Al5 Alchrome D Alloy K Kanthal D
(0Cr15Al5) Alchrome 750 Alloy 902 Alkrothal 14
1Cr13Al4       Alkrothal 720
Cr20Ni80 Tophet A Nichrome 80 Alloy A Nikrothal 8
Cr30Ni70 Tophet 30     Nikrothal 7
Cr15Ni60 Tophet C Nichrome 60 Alloy C Nikrothal 6
Cr20Ni35 Tophet D Chromax Alloy D Nikrothal 4
CuNi44 Cupron Advance Alloy 45 Cuprothal 294
CuNi23 180 Alloy Midohm Alloy 180 Cuprothal 180
CuNi10 90 Alloy Alloy 95 Alloy 90 Cuprothal 90
CuNi6 60 Alloy Lohm Alloy 60 Cuprothal 60
CuNi2 30 Alloy Alloy 30 Alloy 30 Cuprothal 30